The Sony XC-ES50 Is A Popular Choice For Vision Systems

For almost a decade the Sony XC-ES50 has enjoyed a top rated popularity for basic machine vision applications.  It is a work horse 1/2-inch CCD form black and white camera with an extremely compact design and simple single 12-pin Hirose connector to provide power, input sync and trigger signals, and output video.

Sony XC-ES50 CCD Camera

It’s 1/2-inch sensor format and C-Mount compatible lens receiver accommodates a huge variety of low cost optics from suppliers such as Tamaron, Computar, Fujinon, Pentax, Navitar, and Kowa.

The XC-ES50 has a 768×494 pixel array, a frame rate of 30/sec, and a rock stable triggering system that maintains reliability over thousands of hours of operations.

The Sony XC-ES50 has an analog output and requires a video digitizer, also known as a framegrabber, installed in a computer to capture and process images.  Though there are many options today for digital output cameras that do not require the expense of a digitizing device, there is a huge base of installation for analog cameras like the XC-ES50 so their popularity will continue for some years to come.

For basic machine vision system applications, the Sony XC-ES50, and other members of that family such as the XC-ES30 and Infrared (IR) XC-EI50 and XC-EI30 cameras, are a superior and cost effective choice.

JD Martin is a TechWriter for Industrial Camera Sales LLC in Ann Arbor MI


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